If you’re planning to excavate an area, then there are certain precautions that you must take before going ahead and rushing into it. For the sake of simplifying things, let us say that for example: you’re having a swimming pool installed in the back garden of your home.

So, it’s a residential project and you’re hiring a company to dig out an area in your garden, so that you can fill it with concrete and install a beautiful swimming pool. Sounds awesome, and we’re very happy for you. However, do you know what steps you should take before the digging commences?

planningFirst of all, you’re going to need to get planning permission

When it comes to making any major changes to your home and property, you’ll need to gain the relevant planning permission from your local council. If you go ahead and build without this and get caught, you could be looking at a hefty fine.

So, make sure that you pursue all of the appropriate channels and you shouldn’t run into any problems.

Seek out Australian locating services

What are Australian locating services? Well, first of all, you’ll need to know what’s underneath your lawn before your start digging it up. Australian locating services involves scanning a certain area and detecting as to whether or not there are any utility lines or pipes underneath the surface. We cannot overstate quite how important this is.

If you do not make a point of hiring a locating company to assist you and go straight ahead with excavation, you might run in to some serious problems. For example: imagine what would happen if you dig right through a utility water pipe? Not only will you have a serious mess on your hands, but you’ll be looking at an expensive clean up.

It’s dangerous and it’s reckless. So, be certain to hire the appropriate assistance and be certain that the coast is clear before commencing with your excavation project.

How deep do you need to go?

Another important step is determining how deep it is that you need to go before beginning excavation. There’s no good guess working something of this magnitude! And of course, the deeper the trench, the riskier the excavation. Do your research.

Hire the correct excavation equipment

In fact, you’re likely better off hiring an excavation company to assist you with this project, as digging a trench can be dirty and dangerous work. By seeking our professional assistance, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort. And furthermore, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that everything is being handled safely and appropriately on your behalf.



Provided that you follow these steps, you can relax and enjoy your new swimming pool in no time. But remember! Always double check what’s underneath before you start digging! You never know, your Australian locating services company might even stumble upon some buried treasure!