Becoming a successful dancing instructor is not something that just happens overnight. As with any sort of teaching role it is something you will continue to work on and improve throughout your whole career. There has been a resurgence in interest in Waacking in recent years and with this renewed interest so the demand for learning it has consequently increased. Various locations and organisations have brought in more Waacking classes to meet this demand but what are some of the key traits you need to be a successful dance instructor?

Learn the History of Waacking

A great instructor of any type of dance will know the roots and culture connected to that style of dance. More often than not students will be as interested in this as they are in the physical activity itself. In other situations, people will begin a class without any prior knowledge but the learning of this background will increase their engagement within it and will keep them coming back. As the dance teacher you need to learn this so that you can impart this information to your students. By living it, in this way, you will love it more yourself and people are more likely to come to love it themselves if they see your enthusiasm towards it.

Make Your Students Feel Great

Similarly to knowing the background of Waacking and how this interest will prove to be infectious, by making your students feel great they will be more receptive to what they are learning and will become more engaged with what you are teaching them. Learning any type of dancing is not like learning an academic subject or specific set of skills. The chances are that most of your students are not actually leaning to be professional dancers and it is an interest rather than something which is necessary to learn. This means that they can just stop coming at any time if they feel they are not interested so you need to act with the appropriate decorum and with the passion and energy which will ensure they return.

Ask Your Students for Input

Remember that the classes are for your students and not for you. As a dancing teacher you are merely a facilitator of what your students desire to learn. Therefore, it is very important to cater to the interests of the dancers. Ask for their input so that they can learn what it is that they want to learn. What interests yourself may not be what interests the students so let them choose elements of the schedule and daily lessons.

Keep Yourself Interested

Find new information and read about Waacking as much as possible. Just because you have always kept abreast of things related to the type of dance in the past does not mean you will not need to re-energise yourself. By looking at new developments or at how it overlaps into modern equivalents you will allow yourself to maintain your interest in Waacking. If your interest appears to be more as a career than a true personal love for it this will quickly become apparent to your students so find ways to keep your love of the dance.