event management

It’s important to reward your employees every now and again, particularly in a sales / target driven environment. You must recognise when they are working hard and going above and beyond to help you company succeed.

And whilst it’s valuable to verbally praise your employees, sometimes you need to go one further and really spoil them with an excursion / day out.

In this post, we’re going to look at the benefits of hiring an experienced incentive destination management company.

  bussiness1 – They know where the best local resources are 

If you’re going to be planning a corporate party or event and it’s not in your city, then you’ll definitely need a destination events management company. The first benefit is simply because they’ll know where everything is!

for example. This can really help you in the long run, getting you the best food for the best prices and so on.

2 – They will know what is expected and what is not (culturally speaking)

Particularly if your corporate event is taking place in a different country, it’s important that all of you and your employees are fully aware of what is and isn’t appropriate. For example, there are many places where revealing clothing isn’t so acceptable, so you must be mindful of that.

3 – They can tell you were all the best spots are

The real benefit of hiring an experienced destination events management company is that they will know where all of the best spots are. For example, you might only wish to use a venue for the corporate party itself, however, wish to eat out first at the finest local restaurant. Or perhaps, if the event is taking place over several days, you can head out and enjoy some of the nightlife. Your DEMC will be able to assist you with the planning of that as well!


4 – The go-between throughout the entire process

When you hire an experienced DEMC such as Funktionality for example; they will act as the go-between through the entire process. This takes much of the pressure off you and they will see to it that everything is accounted for and being handled with care and consideration. You must take advantage of their lasting relationships with the local amenities. It’s a huge benefit and produces far better results then going it alone and trying to plan everything yourself.

5 – Your employees will love it

Again, it’s incredibly important to reward your employees. A corporate event abroad or in another city is a great way to do that. They will build stronger relationships with both you and their fellow colleagues and they will absolutely love every minute of it. So, hire the right destination events management company, so that everything goes swimmingly, and you’ll reap the rewards. They’ll go back to work refreshed and ready to smash their targets so that they can start planning for the next corporate event!