If you own an SUV or a UTE, then you’re most likely a bit of an adventurer. You love the thrill of being outdoors in the wild and enjoy exploring rolling hills, beautiful beaches and enchanting woodlands. If this is the case, then you are absolutely going to love this must-have vehicle gadget.

Or rather, not so much a gadget, but a utility. That’s right, we’re talking about a drop-down fridge slide. An actual fridge for your car! Yea, sounds amazing right? In this post we’re going to illustrate why you need a drop-down fridge slide in your life and in your vehicle. Let’s look at the benefits:

campingCamping just got a whole lot better

Just think about how useful your own fridge would be on a camping trip. Have you ever fantasised about drinking iced-cold beer to go with your wood-fired steaks whilst sat in the forest? Yes, well now you can do exactly that. And the best bit is that there are loads of decent websites out there with delicious camping recipes!

These fridges are a good size and can be stocked up with plenty of fresh food and vegetables so that you can cook up a storm on your next camping trip as opposed to a few tins of beans and some marshmallows.

You don’t need to climb into your vehicle to access the fridge

The fact that these fridges slide out and drop down should not be understated. This way you can dig around in your fridge without having to struggle into the boot of your car to get a good look. You can remain standing and the fridge will be at the perfect height for you. Easy to access, easy to organise, easy to use.

beersAll of the beers

What we are not condoning is drinking and driving. However, what we do support is parking up at your camping spot and having a fridge full of iced-cold beers to polish off with your boys. No longer do you need to drink warm beer. You can take the perfect temperature beer with you, everywhere that you go. All of the beers please!

You can host the best BBQ’s wherever you go

When you rock up at the beach, you’re going to be very popular indeed when you slide out and drop down your very own private fridge. A cold box full of steaks, chicken breasts, bacon, sausages and all of the trimmings to go with it.

Set up your BBQ and have a the most incredible time. There’s nothing finer than a BBQ with friends on the beach. With a fridge, you can keep it going for longer. You don’t need to cook all of your food at once. You can wait until the evening, after the sun sets and you’re all feeling tips from the beer. Then you can crack on a few more burgers and fill everybody up.


If you like the idea of that, then you should check out MSA 4×4 online. They’re a reputable dealer of drop-down fridge slides. Additionally, you’ll be able to find a number of awesome gadgets and utilities that would compliment them wonderfully.