Arguably your teeth are one of the most important appendages in your body and they require a substantial amount of care to ensure that they remain healthy and functional as well as looking great. Proper care and a healthy diet will go a long way to ensuring that they remain in your mouth for the rest of your life and don’t require replacement or repair. However, life isn’t always ideal, and unexpected events and circumstances do happen which can cause you to require the services of a good dentist.

No matter how clean or careful you are with your teeth, as we said previously, unexpected things happen and even the most stringent of flossers can either find themselves with a tooth infection or a cracked or damaged tooth that requires repair work. Obviously the only person who can fix your teeth in this instance would be a dentist.  So in this article we will look through a few of the most common problems and procedures that dentists see walking through their doors.

Impacted wisdom teeth

One of the worst kinds of dental problem to have, ‘wisdom teeth’ is a term that refers to the three backmost teeth in your mouth. They erupt from the gum later on in life as you reach between the ages of 20- 35. Normally these come in smoothly, straight and causing no substantial problems apart from some irritation and soreness, however many people’s wisdom teeth come in at an angle and start to push into other teeth, which can cause major dental issues if allowed to continue with its abnormal growth.

So it will be down to your dentist to remove the abnormally growing tooth before they begin to damage other teeth in your mouth. This will usually involve putting you completely under and then making an incision in your gum, cutting away any connective pieces of gum, pulling the tooth and then repairing not only the gum but any chips or fractures in your other teeth that may have come about as a result of the tooth’s abnormal growth. Your dentist will then prescribe you a comprehensive aftercare plan to ensure that your gums and the incision point remain clean and infection free.

Reconstructive dental surgery

We are sorry to report that no amount of brushing and flossing will make your teeth impervious to damage and trauma, as much as we would like that to be so. There are literally countless ways that you could find yourself on the receiving end of a hard impact to the teeth; maybe a fall or a slip, if you ride a bike, braking too hard can cause you to inadvertently ram your teeth into the handlebars, or even from opening doors. Yes, people have smashed their teeth out by opening a door too hard in their faces.

The damage itself can vary wildly from chipped or cracked teeth, missing teeth or even severe gum damage that is causing inordinate amounts of bleeding. Most dentists will agree that if you suffer any kind of impact or blunt trauma to the teeth, even if the trauma was mild with little to no visible or tangible damage or pain, you should still have them examined by a dental professional to assess the damage and prevent any further loss of gum or tooth by repairing the damage that can’t be seen or felt.

Sleep Apnea treatments

Sleep apnea is something that you yourself are not aware that you have. However if you have a partner who sleeps in the same room as you then the chances are they have considered murdering you in your sleep on more than one occasion because of it. Sleep apnea is a condition cause by the soft tissue of the back of the throat which when asleep and laying on your back, blocks your airway causes varying symptoms from extremely heavy snoring to irregular breathing in your sleep. It is imperative that you see your dentist for treatment as most of the time this will be the medical professional who is responsible for resolving these kinds of things.