Are you a hotel owner? Or perhaps you represent a boutique as upper management. Whatever the case, we’re certain that you’ll be interested to learn that artwork for hotels can indeed, increase revenue. But how? It’s not as though a piece of artwork can physically generate money. It doesn’t write you a cheque at the end of every month. So, how is it that a few pieces of artwork, can increase the amount of money that your hotel brings in?

In this post, we’re going to take a quick look, at the way in which artwork increases hotel revenue. Read on and find out how a simple investment can transform your business, whilst making it look absolutely fabulous at the same time!

It’s all about the experience 

Today, the modern consumer is always looking to experience something different. So, when choosing a hotel, they’re looking for so much more than just a conveniently located spot which is well-priced and has plenty of amenities. Now, they’re looking for a unique experience!

So, how can artwork contribute towards this? Well, by investing in original artwork, you’ll be creating a unique decór that can only be experienced in your establishment. Now imagine a stunning piece of LED artwork which is recessed into the ceiling of the hotel lobby? Or perhaps, every hotel room with a jacuzzi, has a piece which lights up over the top of the jacuzzi, creating the most relaxing ambience? Something like that will surely attract more guests to your establishment!

Be “Insta-worthy”

Wait, what does it mean to be insta-worthy? Simply put, creating an environment where all of your visitors feel the desire to snap a photo and share it with friends on social media. This is a great way of gaining a solid reputation for being a “go-to” spot.

With the right piece of artwork, you can create a truly stunning environment that everyone is going to want to experience. And once they have, they’ll have to tell everyone about it! It might be some artwork in your hotel restaurant, it could be a soothing display in your spa. Whatever the case, be sure to invest in some unique pieces which can transform the signature identify of your spot.

You’ve got to go bigger

The hospital industry has changed. Once, you could get away with a small painting or two scattered around. Now, artwork for the hospitality industry is all about making a statement! And what better a way of making that statement, then by investing in large, original LED artwork? Artwork which literally brightens a space! By thinking outside the box and investing in authentic concepts, you’ll stand out from the rest of your competitors. Be bold and adventurous, and you’ll attract the adventurous type!

Let your guests live the art

Art is so much more than something for the eye to behold. The truly masterfully crafted pieces can evoke emotion and create a genuine experience. By having artwork in your hotel, your guests will be able to gain so much from it. They will be able to “live” the art, for the duration of their stay. When coupled with LED lighting, the artwork transcends the canvass and becomes something else entirely!

Emotional investment

And of course, with clever optimisation of your artwork, you’ll evoke a plethora of emotions from your guests. These strong emotions will have a significant impact on the way that they feel about your hotel in general. If you claim to be the most luxurious, offering a soothing escape for the weary traveller; you’ll want to live up to it!


So, we can conclude that by investing in stunning artwork for hotels, we invariably increase how attractive they are to guests. Of course, you’ll have to be careful when deciding on what art to invest in. Some pieces really might not suit the vibe of your hotel, whereas others will enhance it. If you truly want to take your establishment to the next level and start generating more revenue; your brand identity will have to evolve with the times! For some examples of what LED artwork in a hotel environment looks like, find a reputable company like Authentic Illuminated Concepts, who specialise in such projects.