What’s the point in having a swimming pool if you’re not going to play games with your family and friends during the summer? Isn’t that what it’s all about? The sunshine, the smiles, the laughter! Well, in this post we’re going to explore some of our favourite swimming pool games for families that will be perfect for exactly that.

1 – Beach ball / floatable race

A simple and easy premise. All you need is some floating devices, then you all have to have a race to see who can reach the other side the fastest! No cheating!

2 – Catch em all (ping pong balls)

Grab a load of ping pong balls, then throw them all into the pool and watch as your kids to race and catch as many as they can! It’s an easy game which will keep them entertained for hours!

3 – Marco Polo

You can’t go wrong with this classic! One person closes their eyes and stands in the middle of the pool, while the others swim elsewhere. Then, when the “finder” says “Marco,” the “Hiders,” have to respond with “Polo” so that they can try to track them down.

4 – Sharks & dolphins (like British Bulldog)

Sharks & dolphins is like the British playground game “Bulldog.” The premise is simple. One person is the “shark” and stands in the middle of the pool. The rest are “dolphins” who have to jump into the pool at the same time and reach the other side without being tagged.

5 – Piggy-back wrestling

You can have as many players as you have pairs. Of course, the only drawback is that you need to be tall enough to stand in the pool with someone sat on your shoulders. Then, you all move towards each other while the people on top try to pull one another off!

6 – What time is it Mr Fox?

This one is frighteningly fun! The kids will ask “What time is it Mr Fox,” and the Fox will respond with: “6 0’clock,” at which point the kids will take six steps forward. This will continue until the Fox eventually says, “it’s lunch time!” and proceed to catch them all! Hours of fun.

7 – Lucky coin collecting

This one is a nice and simple game and all you need is a little change. Simply toss some coins into the pool and let your kids swim around and drive for hidden treasure! This is a fun way for children to roleplay as pirates.

8 – Air ball

Air ball is very simple! You have a ball, and all you have to do it keep it in the air. So, all of you and your family have to pass it up into the air to one another, and dive and splash and do whatever it takes to keep it from hitting the surface of the pool! Sounds easy right?

9 – Quiz jumps

This game has the capacity to get very silly! The contestants stand at the edge of the swimming pool. One by one they jump into the swimming pool, but there’s a twist. Just as they’re about to jump the quizmaster has to ask a simple question, and then the contestant or “jumper” has to answer the question before they’re submerged in the water. For example: “What’s your name?” – It sounds easy, but you’d be surprised by how much fun you’ll have watching your kids stall on the simplest of answers.

10 – Splash masters

This one is simple! All you need is to see who can make the biggest splash. It generally involves bombing into the pool or doing nasty belly-flops! In any case it’s a silly game which can bring a little fun.

Are you excited to try them out?

Hopefully you’ve read this article and are really excited to try some of these awesome games out in your swimming pool. If your pool is currently out of action and looking a little worse for wear, then make sure you invest in high quality pool renovations as soon as possible! Don’t waste another second here reading this. Get and book your new pool renovation today!