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Staging a large event, whether it’s a corporate event or a private event, there is always a lot to plan and consider. One of the biggest problems many event organisers can face is the issue of staffing. Professional production teams have their own crews that travel with a show and facilitate all of the necessary technicalities of setting up and running an event behind the scenes. But what about everyone else? How does someone hire a venue for an event and find a team to help them bring it to life? The simple answer is that you hire your own crew.

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Knowing the score

Whilst you may be able to find people that know enough about certain tasks and are willing to help you run your event, it is never going to compare to the professionals. Having a team that comes ready formed with the requisite knowledge and experience to ensure that things run smoothly will be a huge load of your mind. Companies such as  First Class Crew have staff available to them that know every industry you could possibly need very well, and they make these professionals available to you and your event. This means that if you need lighting and sound technicians or riggers and movers, you can be sure that the people you are relying on for the success of your event know the score and will get the job done.

One neat package

One of the big problems of attempting to hire staff yourself, besides not knowing the quality of the individual until they start work, is that of legalities. Employers, even temporary ones, have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their workforce. This means that you would need to provide adequate health and safety training and support as well as the legal paperwork and many other things besides. Hiring in staff from an outside agency will bypass almost all of these issues as they will have been taken care of by the company that actually hires them. Having everything handled in one neat package will leave you free to take care of the actual running of the event.

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Alongside the logistical benefits of having a ready made team at your disposal for whatever tasks you might require of them, you should also avoid the other big issue that a randomly assembled team can produce – cohesion. Hired teams will be orientated and briefed by the company providing them beforehand and this results in any problems being worked out before they arrive onsite, rather than in a crucial moment at your event.

It may seem like you can handle everything when planning an event of any kind, and for some people this is true. But for the vast majority of us, help is required and so is every kind of optimisation possible. So if you should find yourself in a position of planning an event and need a team of any size, why not investigate hiring a complete solution rather than trying to piece one together yourself.