Are you growing tired of living the big city life? Fancy a change of pace? Well then perhaps it’s time you made a drastic move and relocated to the countryside. In this article we’re going to explore some of the benefits of quitting the big city and buying a new home in the British countryside. Read on the find out more:

1 – Privacy

This is something that we all begin to crave as we get older. Even your children will need to have a room of their own as they approach secondary school, which is why living in a bigger house will soon become necessity. But the main benefit of country life, is how quiet and peaceful it is.

Imagine living in a village with only a handful of other people, as opposed to a packed street with hundreds of other families? Imagine a place where the sounds of beeping horns and the wailing of sirens is replaced by the chirping of crickets and the wind rustling through the leaves? Perfect.

2 – Clean and fresh air

This is something that is becoming more and more important to people: getting away from the pollution. Take London’s air quality as an example, it is dire! Over time, living in such poor conditions can bring on a variety of health issues. You can get away from it all by packing your bags and buying a new build home out in the countryside.

3 – A better sense of community

This may seem to contradict the “privacy” point earlier, but there is a big difference. The fact is, you’re rarely physically alone in a big city, but emotionally, it can be all too easy to feel detached. However, in the countryside, whilst the population is certainly lower, you cannot help but feel a welcoming sense of community from the locals. You try walking through a beautiful village in Somerset without someone striking up a conversation with you, or at the very least, wishing you a good day.

4 – It’s beautiful

The British countryside is undeniably beautiful! So, rather than staring at large and dull office buildings all day, with the occasional splatter of green; why not replace it why fields of barley, colourful country lanes and endless blue skies?

When living in the country, every day feels like a blessing. It’s important to reconnect with nature both for your physical and mental well-being. So, get out there and make a positive change, for your sake!

5 – All the exercise you could ever want

Sure, this might not be the most appealing point to everyone, however living in the countryside offers plenty of opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air. Certainly, in the city there will be hundreds of gyms and classes that you can join. However, which would you prefer: a sweaty, smelly gym filled with people working out in silence, or a gentle jog through the fields with your dog and the sounds of nature surrounding you?


Of course, there are many reasons for wanting to move to the countryside, these are simply a handful of ways in which it can benefit you. But if you are truly serious about making a move, then it’s time to start exploring some of the properties and locations available. If for example, Somerset as previously mentioned is an attractive option for you, then you should find a reputable luxury property developer such as Martins Developments to assist you. Then, you’ll be able to find a new build that is large enough to accommodate a growing family, whilst being located in the most sought out country locations.