tree removal services

If you’ve got some beautiful trees on your property, then you have an obligation to care for them. With out sounding too cheesy, when you consider how much trees do for us in the way of oxygenating our environment, it’s the least that we can do to return the favour by caring for them.

Sure, one or two trees in your garden isn’t exactly the Amazon rain forest, but when we all do our little part, it goes a long way in the grand scheme of things. That said, how on earth do you care for a tree? Most people wouldn’t have the first idea about where to start. Which is where arborists and tree experts come in.

Arborists aren’t just a bunch of people who like to climb trees and chop stuff down with chainsaws. They’re caretakers as well. When they’re not removing dead or dying trees, they’re nurturing them and promoting healthy future growth. So, how can hiring a tree pruning expert benefit you?

tree pruning1 – They know what you don’t

The first benefit is rather obvious: a tree pruning expert has the knowledge, the experience and the equipment, to safely prune the trees on your property. It benefits you because it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

2 – It’s good for the tree’s health

Pruning a tree is an essential part of a tree’s maintenance. By removing dead or dying branches, it prevents the further spread of decay. That, and it also promote the growth of fresh branches.

3 – They’ll look great

Have you ever taken your pet dog to the groomers? Do you remember how beautiful and fresh they look after a good ol’ trim? Well, the same applies for trees. Pruning is a great way to clear away they crap and freshen up our silent companions.

4 – Let it shine

For every dead branch blocking the way, there’s a plant which could (and should) be thriving. By pruning a tree, you can allow plenty more sunlight through so that plants below can become healthy and grow taller.

5 – Fewer hazards

All it takes is a strong gust to break a dead branch which has been neglected for too long. Whether it falls off and damages your property, or hurts one of you or your family members, you’ll be angry at yourself for not having it tended to prior to the event.

6 – Shaping trees

One of the most beautiful things about trees, is that they grow where they please. That said, it’s sometimes wise for us to give them a bit of guidance, so that they don’t grow into a shape which can cause any issues. For example, a tree might become heavy on one side and begin to learn towards power lines etc. By having a young tree pruned, we can guide it in the right direction.


If you want to care for the beautiful trees on your property and benefit from the list of things mentioned above, then you’ll need to contact a local specialist. A reputable and reliable company such as A B Trees will do you proud! Just do your research locally and find a company which really connects with you.