There’s nothing more important for a retail store or restaurant than a high-quality sign. It’s something which can often be overlooked. But you can really tell the difference between an awesome sign and one which seems rather generic and forgettable. But, how can you design the perfect sign? What steps can you take towards securing your business a truly effective sign? Well, first of all, unless you’re a qualified designer, you would probably consider outsourcing the task to the professionals. In any case, here are some ideas to get you started in the right decision.

retail sign

1 – Make sure that it is visible and legible

Be mindful of how your sign appears to passers-by. You must also consider the fact that some people might be looking through the window of their car as they pass by. Invest in a sign which has been designed with visibility and legibility in mind. This is particularly important for those whose establishments are tucked away in side-streets.

2 – Leave the information out of it

Try not to put too much information on your sign! In fact, it should just be your company logo / name and slogan at the most. You can add socials and hashtags discreetly at the bottom if you like, however we would advise having these as sticks in your window perhaps. What you want is a bold and memorable sign which isn’t too cluttered. Draw them in and then you can offer them all of the information that you like / they need, once you’ve got them inside your store.

3 – Simplicity is everything

Look at some of the most popular brands, for example: McDonalds. You don’t even have to strain your mind to picture it. It’s a ruddy big Yellow M! Simple, memorable and straight forward. That is the way to approach sign making if you truly want to succeed.

4 – Embrace technology

Let your sign be visible no matter what time of day it is. By embracing technology and rolling with an LED backlit sign for example, you’ll be visible at all times. Little things like that can go a long way towards establishing your business in the shopping district.

5 – Be conspicuous

The last thing you want is a sign which blends with its environment. No! You must have a clear and wonderful sign which stands out from the rest. You want to attract the potential customers as they walk by, so be the first sign that they spot on the Highstreet.

Interested in exploring it further?

Do you need a high-quality sign designed for your business? We recommend hiring a reputable company like Graffiti Stickers to assist you. Trust in the professionals and their ability to create stunning and me memorable designs. Give your chosen company a few ideas, brand colours and so on, and then see what they can come up with. You’ll be sure to find the perfect fit!