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Owning a rainwater tank is a great alternative method for providing our household with a regular supply of water. That being said; it’s not as simple as having a tank installed. There is a fair amount of maintenance involved, which we are going to explore in this post. For example, something as simple as using Acquasafe rainwater tank purifier can work wonders. And you will be able to find everything required to keep your rainwater tank safe from a reputable retailer such as APS Rewinds & Sales.

But why is it so important to maintain your rainwater tank?

1 – Mosquitos can be a nightmare!

Stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, however with the right approach, you will be able to keep yours free from them. This is essential to not only keep the water safe, but to reduce the number of pests that you will have to contend with around you house.

How to mosquito proof your tank:

  • Install mosquito proof screen & keep in good repair
  • Ensure that everything is sealed tightly
  • Regularly inspect your water supply

rainwater tank2 – Using Acquasafe rainwater tank purifier

Using Acquasafe rainwater tank purifier, or at least a disinfectant similar to it will be essential for maintaining your rainwater tank. It is a flavourless, odourless and environmentally safe liquid that effectively breaks down bacteria and kills off any viruses that may contaminate your rainwater tank.

In addition to that, the disinfectant will treat the tank itself and stop it from smelling due to stagnation. It is also incredibly useful for creating a difficult environment for mosquitos to thrive in.

3 – How often should you clean your tank?

Provided that your tank is set up properly and that you frequently use a disinfectant, you shouldn’t have to clean the tank out too often. Another way to reduce this necessity is by ensuring that the guttering connected to your rainwater tank is kept clean and clear of debris. It is important to note that your rainwater tank will collect sediment over time, so you should inspect it once in a while and clean it out thoroughly when you think it necessary. If you’re not comfortable doing this on your own, then there are plenty of reputable companies out there that will be able to assist you.

4 – Invest in a quality pump & filter and maintain them regularly

Another important aspect to maintaining your rainwater tank is by having the right pump and filter. You can find everything that you need from a reputable retailer such as APS Rewinds & Sales. Provided that you invest in top quality and follow instructions on how to maintain them properly; you shouldn’t run into too many problems.

water tankSummary

Do your research and be thorough when it comes to caring for your tank. With a bit of care and consideration, you will be able to get the best out of it. Should you get lazy and neglect the rainwater tank, it can lead to serious contamination issues. Again, if you get stuck or you’re feeling out of your depth, then call the professionals to assist and advise you.